A Welcome Letter to You!

My Dearest Friends,

I am so proud of you!  You have become an undeniably remarkable woman. The transition from Mrs. to Ms. wasn’t easy, but you did it with such poise and grace. After recovering from the initial shock of what happened, you prevailed through adversity with care. You learned to distinguish the genuinely concerned from the incredibly nosy. You adjusted your friendships accordingly. Though you made plenty of mistakes along the way, you walk in freedom because of your conviction, confession, and conversion. You even apologized for matters that weren’t your fault.This new you exudes confidence by way of humility. Confident because you know who you are…humble because you know who you were.  Your counsel comes without judgment and your wisdom is unparalleled. Please don’t think your transformation has gone unnoticed. Those closest to you recognize and appreciate your growth. Guess what. The incredibly nosy people see it too.

You have endured many seasons of something blue. Welcome to the adventures of Something New.  You are equally yoked with purpose. Yes, you still make a beautiful bride!


Dr. Tameka LaShonn



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