I’ll Fly Away

August 03, 2016

There’s nothing like exploring life, than taking those experiences on the road. I had the pleasure of doing that this summer. I spent some time traveling to different cities across the U.S. to eat and enjoy. Many were surprised to know that I took on most of these adventures by myself.  Flying solo (pun intended) was not entirely my plan, but I realize that it was definitely a part of my purpose.  You see, just over a year ago, I went to Las Vegas…alone. It was supposed to be my honeymoon, but my husband informed me the evening of our wedding celebration, that he would not be coming along.  Hoping he would change his mind, I found myself at the airport without him. Guess what. I had an outstanding time!  Within the first few hours of landing I had the opportunity to share some insight with three gentlemen who were in Las Vegas for a wedding. You just have to love the irony.  That encounter (plus the free hotel upgrade) was the start to a wonderful week and so much more.

Flying solo last year gave me a lot of time to think. My marriage was ending but motherhood was still in progress. I wanted my children to visit some places they had only seen in pictures, and I was no longer willing to wait for marriage to precede that experience.  That led us to hiking the mountains in Denver and touring the monuments in Washington D.C.  Those trips also proved to serve a greater purpose. I bonded with my babies.  I shared my childhood with them, they shared their dreams with me, and we created memories together without the interruption of work, chores, or our individual streams of technology.

I continued traveling once my children left with my parents, and made some awesome discoveries along the way. I discovered that a lot of people are nervous to walk on bridges, allergic to caterpillars, or suddenly become sleepy at the movie theatre.  I learned some things about myself too. I learned that I have this countenance that makes tourists think I’m a native, and somehow we end up figuring out the public transit systems together.  I learned that bodies of water do it for me. Something about oceans, rivers, lakes, and falls have a way of calming my senses; allowing me to reflect, create, and be at ease. I learned that I live to make connections, and they happen everywhere I go.  Whether it’s the life changing worship at The Well in Chicago, or the conversation about starting over with the retiree in Miami, I live for the exchange that ultimately reveals the purpose of my visit. There are times when it gets too quiet and my mind starts to wander. That’s when, out of the blue, I’ll receive a call or text from someone in my circle to check on me. That small gesture makes a huge impact, and soothes any doubts about my place in the world.  I would say that’s the best thing I have learned; that no matter how far I go, I am still close to home.

I believe our hindsight is God’s foresight. What we see in 20/20 after the fact was his plan from the beginning. Life just so had it that I was forced to fly solo last year. Perhaps that was so I would have the courage to do so on my own this year. Grant it, I felt like my life was falling apart. But talking to people who knew nothing about me, and listening to those who knew everything about me was monumental in my healing. I had supporters near and far, and I often pulled on their strength when I had none of my own. Consider this. Birds don’t learn to fly straight from the nest.  It is in the fall that they discover the power of their wings. When you feel like your life is “falling” apart, look up! Let the strength from your cloud of witnesses build your momentum. Life is all about perspective. Get out of the details of your fall, and discover your ability to fly!

  *Check out the link below for video footage:

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