29 Days of Love, and One to Grow On…

March 1, 2016

Ode to February, the month where many celebrate Valentine’s Day. Couples plan romantic evenings and singles combine their efforts to honor each other. Even the children get in on the action as schools host Daddy/Daughter dances and boys bring superhero cards to pass out to their friends. To whatever degree these traditions apply to you, we understand that the common theme of these festivities is simply to take some time to love.  I wanted to do just that for this post, so I took the time to document what I loved about each day in February. Sure the 14th is internationally recognized, but every day has its treasure. Here we go!

February 1

  • I love that my mom came to visit me for the weekend.  Nothing beats girl time and girl talk with someone who has your best interest in mind.

February 2

  • Ms. Butler (my co-counselor) and I are attending the Texas school counselor’s conference and we are having a blast.  I love that we could break away from campus to learn from experienced colleagues, and enjoy this fabulous hotel!

February 3

  • Today I successfully explained the middle school registration process to five sections of 5th graders. I love that Mrs. Clark (their science teacher) stuck around to help me fix my life when I wanted to say, “I already answered that question!!!”

February 4

  • I love that the light in my bedroom closet is finally fixed!  I know nothing about halogens and I don’t have a ladder so…shout out to Mr. Wonderful for making a special trip to my house. Because of you, I no longer have to get dressed in the dark.

February 5

  • I love that it is Friday! Need I say more?

February 6

  • I had a much needed conversation about focus. It’s easy to lose focus when exploring new and exciting territory.  Big promotions are fun, but don’t let decorating your new corner office cause you to miss deadlines. New relationships are fun too, but don’t skip the serious talks for gazing into each other’s eyes. By all means, enjoy your Valentine, but don’t be April’s fool.  Today, Mr. Wonderful reminded me of that. Though it was an intense conversation, I love that he insists on building a strong foundation for this relationship.

February 7

  • It is Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not rooting for either team. I’m just here for the food and the half-time show. I love that this is a win-win situation for me.

February 8

  • I love that our staff surprised Ms. Butler and me with the Best Prank EVER for Counselor’s Appreciation Week! 
  • Check it out https://youtu.be/0HBgf-V0sj4 !

February 9

  • I love that we found out who pranked us yesterday…too funny!

February 10

  • I love that Mr. McCray, the musician from career day, returned to encourage our staff to reach more students by investing in their creative gifts and talents. We were all inspired by his visit. 

February 11

  • One of our behavior specialists met with Ms. Butler and me today. He came to offer suggestions on addressing aggressive behavior, but I learned a lot about how boys respond to rejection and shame, and why it’s so important for men to step up to the plate and mentor them. WOW!  I love that I have male friends who are willing to help me raise my sons.  I really love that I can admit that I need them.

February 12

  • This Friday was especially pleasant. I love that Mr. Wonderful sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my office.

February 13

  • This time last year, my sister-friends surprised me with a hotel party to celebrate my upcoming nuptials. I can’t help but adore them right now! The same women who threw me a slumber party last year, cried with me when the party was over, and are cheering for me as this new party starts. I love that I have friends to the end!

February 14

  • Church was awesome on this Valentine’s Day.  Bishop’s message, “Cover Me”, was about having people in your corner who will tell you the truth without exposing your truth to others. I am blessed to have people like that in my life. Dinner was awesome too. I was treated to an evening of great conversation at an elegant Italian restaurant. I love that I am both loved and covered.

February 15

  • It has been a rough day. Poor choices at school led to some serious consequences from me for my daughter, Ariana. Parenting is hard enough. Single parenting is even harder. I am so glad her church family and my amazing co-workers stepped in to talk to her when I was too emotional to really deal with it. It takes a village to raise a child…I love my village.

February 16

  • I was extremely nervous about leading worship at church tonight.  It’s been a while so I wasn’t confident at all. I love that God does his best work when we completely step out of the way.

February 17

  • I love that love conquers all. I am still upset with Ariana, and I totally love her. I love her, so we will conquer this!

February 18

  • I love that Ariana could really see the error of her ways, make some amends/apologies, and enjoy some quality time with her brothers and me.

February 19

  • I was able to surprise my dad by flying in town for his birthday. Daddy turned 60 this year and I definitely wanted to be present for this milestone. I am having an amazing time with everyone.  I love that I belong to the Wilson family! 

February 20

  • I love that I spent the night sleeping in my parents’ bed…

February 21

  • Facebook flashbacks reminded me that I got married exactly one year ago. Guess what. I have no tears to shed and I don’t feel sad at all because…good times are still abounding! This weekend was more fun than I could ever imagine. I saw my father lead worship, shopped in my mother’s closet, and got pranked by my big brother.  Last year, I stood at the altar with friends to take pictures after the ceremony. This year, I stood at the altar with family to take pictures after service. I had a good time then, and I’m having a good time now. I love that the altar still stands as a place where I can find comfort and feel connected.

February 22

  • I was so sleepy at work. I love that my children let me take a long nap once we made it home.

February 23

  • Today marks 11 years since my life changed for the best. Every decision I make is filtered through how it will make him better, safer, smarter, and fulfilled. He is the beginning of me understanding God more. Every time I wrap my arms around him, I know what it means to have the whole world in my hands. He continues to make my world absolutely wonderful! Happy birthday to my firstborn, Emory!

February 24

  • A troubled student was able to open up to Ms. Butler and me.  I think he had a break through, and it turns out that we have a lot in common too! I love that we now have some relational capacity to really help him.

February 25

  • I thought I was going to have a bad day, but these kids at work have made me laugh to no end. I love that laughter is like medicine. A free medicine with unlimited refills!

February 26

  • Every year, our school produces two major performances that showcase the artistic talents of our students.  Today’s production featured about 500 students, nearly ½ of our population.  I love that the students put on a great show, the staff worked well together, my personal children performed well, and that I had a part in the show also. Life is bliss!

February 27

  • Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III, one of my favorite ministers on periscope, paid a visit to Dallas to do what he does best…impart and empower. Mr. Wonderful introduced me to his broadcasts and I’ve been hooked ever since. He has a strong prophetic gift, and we really admire his biblical, practical wisdom. Today, of all the people in the world, Dr. Stevenson III prophesied specifically to Mr. Wonderful and me. In a single statement, without having ever met us, he validated everything concerning us…and I really needed the confirmation. I am convinced that God deals with the details of our lives.  I love that today, He did that for me!

February 28

  • I love that Chris Rock made some very bold (truthful) statements that made people laugh, think, and shift uncomfortably in their seats as he hosted the Oscars. He was hilarious.

February 29

  • February 29th occurs once every four years. For the first time in my life it actually means something to have this extra day. Life is bliss, and acknowledging that can be challenging sometimes. I find myself hesitant to embrace today’s high for fear of it becoming tomorrow’s low. My mom made a great point regarding that. She said, “Tameka, nothing in life is guaranteed.  Your dad has been great for 38 years and could leave tomorrow. You and your brother could flip out too. But that hasn’t been my experience and I’m not going to live in fear that it will be. You just have to live your life and trust God. ” Mom is absolutely right.  The blessed assurance I need comes from trusting God. So while I could leap forward, let me use this extra day to stand still. I love that I have an extra 24 hours to truly embrace today’s high!

March 1: Seasons Change!

  • March is here and spring is coming, although some days will feel like fall. Take comfort in what you know despite what you feel. Spring IS Coming. It’s all about seed, time, and harvest. So continue to nurture your soil and feed your seed. Let God be the master of your time. Be encouraged. I know I am! Your vision will bud soon enough, and the world will be blessed by the beauty of your full bloom!

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