It Really Is The Thought That Counts!

December 19, 2015

The most amazing thing happen to me this week.  A bouquet of beautiful red roses was delivered to my job. It was unexpected and to this day, I don’t know who sent them. After interrogating my friends and family, I discovered it was from none of them. All I could do was smile and enjoy my roses. There was nothing I could do to repay the sender because, I don’t know who he is. All I could think to do is pay it forward. Why? Because if someone thought enough of me to bless me without expecting anything in return,  surely I could do the same. I’ve always heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Well, this is a cat I can definitely afford to copy. I’m flattered, so I’ll keep the favor going!

This situation solidifies for me that God is mindful of us.  I believe he has good, promising, and intentional thoughts toward us all the time. That’s why we get to see miracles, overcome adversities, and navigate through life without including inhaling and exhaling on our “to do” list.  It’s why we can give and forgive in spite of the fear that we will get the short end of the stick. We trust that God has a way of making our sacrifices worth it. It’s also why we’ve been on the receiving end of the mercy seat. We trust that his love for us outweighs his disappointment in us. We can’t repay him, but we can pay it forward. My question for you is, what’s on your mind? If someone is on yours, reach out to them. You’re thinking about them for a reason. Give someone the gift of your time, your encouragement, your creativity, or even the gift of your apology and forgiveness. Make sure your gift requires nothing of the recipient but the capacity to receive. You never know, your act of kindness could help restore one’s hope in all that’s good in the world. It could even lead to saving someone’s life.

Whether impulsive or planned, foolish or wise, every word and deed begins with a thought. Be transformed, and then transform the world, by renewing your mind. Consider reaching out to someone who’s expecting nothing and pray that in return, they pay it forward. Since our thoughts determine our actions, then it really is the thought that counts.  What are you thinking?

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