Painting with a Twist on Life!

October 31, 2015

It started off as furniture shopping when my daughter fell in love with some light pink toss pillows.  Her request for a more sophisticated color pallet was a thrill for me because I really love decorating! I knew however, that it would take much more than a few pillows to create her desired look. After a few days of gathering ideas from Pinterest, we settled on what was needed to transform her pink and green scene into a Blush and Paris theme.  The boys and I took everything out of Ariana’s room.  Emory, my oldest son, helped me paint her accent wall while Ariana and Josh sorted her belongings into piles of what to keep, discard, and give away. Her pile of what to discard kept growing.  She discovered lots of trinkets that weren’t conducive to her new space. I didn’t force her to keep them no matter how much I particularly liked them. We found ways to display or store items that had sentimental value.  At the end of the project we were left with a gorgeous setting. A lot of things are new, a lot of things are gone, but all of it is beautiful. I presently have two sons who are becoming very acquainted with Pinterest.  

Our everyday occurrences can speak to the core of what’s really going on in our lives. My daughter’s room renovation is no different. Imagine the life you want.  If it’s much different than the life you have, did you quickly dismiss it as lofty? Suppose your vision of grandeur is in fact, a foreshadowing! You see, your personal revolution may begin as your search for a new job or a hunt for a new dish to share at the holiday party.  In pursuit of a small change, you may run into something that inspires a much bigger change for your life.  Don’t be afraid to embrace that change.  Start off with some research on what it will take to actualize your professional ideas, relocate to a new city, transform your body and health…this list goes on.  After you’ve spent some time researching, move on to the next phase: self-inventory.  Remove all the inhibitions that interfere with your vision and start sorting. You’ll discover a great deal of treasures to keep.  You’re much wiser and way more resourceful than you thought.  You’ll also discover some possessions that are not beneficial to your vision.  Take those losses as gains. It’s totally worth distancing yourself from people, places, and habits that don’t validate your refinement.  

Don’t be dismayed if you discover some gaps after your self-inventory. You may need to go back to school or restructure your finances to accomplish your goals. Please don’t settle for holding on to unnecessary or unhealthy elements for the sake of familiarity. Have fun and allow for newness in your life. Color your hair or add some great pieces to your wardrobe to help complete the look and feel you’re going for. Readdress those business plans while you shred the fears of the business that crumbled.  Consider connecting with others who identify with your goals and aspirations. Invest in your support system. Quality relationships make up the beautiful artwork in your sophisticated palette.

Finally, remember that just as there are some things to keep and discard, there are some things to give away.  Give away your insight.  Your revitalized life will encourage change for others. Inform them of potential setbacks and progressive leaps forward as they gather ideas for their life renovation. Always be willing to share your journey. Helping others adds sentimental value to your life’s display and when it’s all said and done, you’ll be left with a gorgeous setting.

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