My Rain Check-In

October 24, 2015

Thunderstorms and flash flood watches were in the forecast for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. This rainy weekend resulted in postponing the school carnival while other family-friendly events in the city were cancelled.  We had to take a rain check on some of our plans because…there was nothing anyone could do to stop the rain. The same is true in life. Sometimes we see storms coming, sometimes we are caught by surprise. Either way we can’t stop the rain. We must chose to adapt and adjust.

I remember disliking rainy days as a child. In those dark ages before tablets and cell phones, rainy days were spent cleaning the house or sleeping the hours away. Neither task was too exciting for a seven year old who wanted to ride her bike. Interestingly enough, I’ve grown quite fond of the rain since becoming a parent and a homeowner. Rain washes the allergens away and it waters the lawn for free. Seriously, treating sinus congestion, ear infections, and to trying to have green grass amid the Texas heat isn’t too exciting for a 33 year old!  I was totally enjoying the rain that once was a pain …until I saw the look on my kids’ faces.

I had to shift my thinking again. The storms were in the forecast for my children too!  They were actually looking forward to the school carnival. I couldn’t ask them to take comfort in my adult outlook on life. I had to make a decision for “me plus three.”  The kids had been exceptionally great lately, so I figured we could replace our rain check with a rain check into a hotel.  Hotel trips are our version of a good time, and we needed a little rest and relaxation. We settled in, they ran to the window, and gazed at the amazing view of the city. You know what, the storm doesn’t look so bad from the 8th floor of the Omni.

If rain is in the forecast where you are, chose to elevate yourself to higher level during the storm.  A loved one might need a little boost so consider taking them with you. The right company just may call your attention to an amazing view while the storm passes over.   

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